Best Business Opportunity in Dubai – Things You Must Know

Recognised worldwide as one of the most popular business hubs in the UAE, Dubai opens the door to the best business opportunity. The city stands first in respect of the economy, over-pacing its peers in the seven other emirates and the Gulf region. 

Thanks to the Emirati Government, the country has opened doors of opportunities with free economic zones and proper business initiatives, enabling businesses worldwide to trade with the city. 

Dubai’s location and business culture have paved the way for becoming a financially powerful city, making it a desirable place for foreign trade and investments.

While discussing the best business opportunity in Dubai, we cannot ignore mentioning the Souk Al Marfa, the largest waterfront wholesale market developed by the top Dubai-based real estate developer Nakheel in collaboration with DP World, a multinational logistics company. 

Located at the heart of Dubai, in Deira Islands, the Souk al Marfa stretches approximately 1.9-kilometres along the Dubai waterfront. 

With more than seven thousand shops and pavilions, this indoor souk or marketplace includes shopping options like retail stores, showrooms, small and large shops and small kiosks for travellers and locals. 

Are you looking for the best investment opportunities in Dubai? Visit the Souk Al Marfa website to learn more about their business rules and regulations. 

Business in Dubai: Its Advantages

As a leading business city, Dubai allows you to carry on the business at ease, guaranteeing its absolute flourishment. The following are the opportunities you get, getting into business terms with Dubai:

  • Easy Business Setup: Dubai has a highly cooperative government with the utmost technological advancement in business sectors. That is why you can have the best business opportunity in Dubai. 

The procedure to start a business here involves minimal paperwork and government charges. Also, you can get effortless banking facilities without any requirement of local sponsors to begin your business. 

If you are a wholesale trader and wish to take a shop at the Souk Al Marfa, rest assured you can establish your business at a cost-effective range. Also, you won’t need to worry about tedious documentation and licensing procedures, as their single window operation will ease the process.

  • No Tax: As the Dubai government offers complete exemption from all taxes, whether its income, personal or corporate tax, you can enjoy enormous benefits in business. However, you might have to pay only 5% VAT; if you are conducting business in specific industries. 
  • Geographical Location: Another factor that influences people to look for new business opportunities in Dubai is none other than the city’s lucrative geographical location. 

Situated at the junction and connecting the neighbouring countries, Dubai is a natural bridge encouraging global trade and commerce. 

Similarly, having proximity to the harbour and Dubai airport, Souk Al Marfa assures good connectivity and easy logistics helping your business establish a robust footing in the land of innumerable business opportunities.

  • State-of-Art Infrastructure: If you opt for small investment opportunities in Dubai, you are on the correct path because Dubai is acclaimed worldwide for its excellent infrastructure. 

Being the capital city of UAE, Dubai invests in technological upgradation attracting the leading industrialists and business personnel across the globe.

Dubai is also famous for its effective public transport system, good telecommunication facilities and much more. Hence, investing in Dubai can surely lead your business to the highest peak of success.

  • Free Zones: While setting up your business in Dubai, you can choose to continue the trade in the mainland or the free zones. 

Most entrepreneurs prefer starting out in a free zone, as they get complete ownership of their business there.

  • Effortless Visa Obtaining: Commencing your business at the Souk Al Marfa can prove as the best business opportunity in Dubai. 

Not only will you enjoy exemption from the rule of having a local sponsor, but you also will get a visa with no hassle.

Leasing a Commercial Property in Dubai: Guidelines to follow

It’s best to rent or lease commercial property when you begin your business in Dubai. Here are the three vital kinds of Lease about which you must have thorough knowledge:

  • Gross Lease: A fundamental type of lease where the lessee pays the pre-determined lease amount while the lessor pays the maintenance changes alongside tax and insurance.
  • Land lease: In this kind of agreement, the lessor leases out a portion of land to the lessee whereby the lessee can construct a building, and when the lease tenure end, the lessor gets back the property alongside the building.
  • Modified Net Lease: This is one of the most common types of lease, which is advantageous for the lessor and the lessee.

Time To Dive Into The Best Business Opportunity

As the centralised one-stop shop, Souk Al Marfa offers traders worldwide the best business opportunity in Dubai. If you want to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, this is the place for you.Are you planning to expand your business to the UAE? Click here to discover more.

Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment

For ambitious entrepreneurs, Dubai is one of the lucrative destinations for bringing to fruition the best business ideas in Dubai and expanding their business, taking it to the next level.

Thanks to the cooperative Emirate that has created a comfortable business culture, allowing foreign trade and opportunities to benefit the country itself and the foreign investors. 

Whatever your business idea, you can easily start it with minimal paperwork, including nominal government charges for starting a business. You also do not need any local sponsor and can continue your business in the Free Zones with absolute business ownership.

If you are searching for the best business to do in Dubai, first find the perfect commercial space to begin your business. Of course, you can opt for buying one, but as a foreign trader, it might become hard to find a business property in Dubai instantly.

That is why renting or taking a property on lease is the best option to seek. Dubai has the largest waterfront wholesale marketplace, the Souk Al Marfa, located at Deira Island, stretching over 1.9 kilometres. 

This indoor market has more than seven thousand shops and pavilions, including showrooms, small kiosks etc. 

Located close to the airport and harbour, this waterfront market offers easy business policies at an affordable price range, ensuring growth opportunities if you are looking for a business to start in Dubai.

Low-Investment Business Ideas To Start Your Business In Dubai

You can actualise your dream of beginning your business in Dubai with no hefty investment. The following are some low-budget business ideas to start your business venture:

  • Restaurants & Catering: Known for its ultramodern architecture and luxury shopping, Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. The city welcomes guests throughout the year. 

As a result, it can be an excellent place for starting your restaurant and catering business. Serving food lovers special delicacies from all over the world can undoubtedly take your business to the zenith of success. 

Are you wondering how to get a commercial property for opening your restraint? Visit the Souk Al Marfa website to know the facilities they provide.

  • Bakery & Cake Shop: The next one on our list of low investment business ideas in Dubai is opening a bakery-cum-cake shop. 

Who doesn’t love cakes, cookies and pastries? If you are passionate about baking, go forth and win people’s hearts with your delicious baked treats.

Of course, make the products available at competitive rates and increase the production as you notice an upsurge in sales.

  • Food Delivery: Dubai is the home to many international students, countless immigrant workers, bachelors and expats – most of which depend on home-delivered food. Hence, a food delivery business is another option to seek if you have decided to start a business in Dubai.
  • Legal Consultation: Law in every country can be quite complex; a minor mistake can land a person in great trouble.

Undeniably, Dubai citizens, expats and various small and large business organisations require valuable legal advice in their day-to-day lives to avoid falling into a legal pit hole.

If you are a practising legal professional in the UAE, consider starting a legal consultancy firm (with due approval, of course).

  • Business Consultation: Besides legal consultation, other business ideas in Dubai include opening a Business Consultation Agency. 

From novice entrepreneurs to resident traders, everyone needs the proper guidance and support to bring their hard work to fruition. If you have years of experience in business consultancy and are proficient in entrepreneurial skills, take advantage of this business opportunity.

  • IT & Digital marketing: In this age of digitisation, if you are looking for low-budget business ideas in Dubai, target IT and digital marketing business. 

For present-day business ventures, having a digital presence is like having a proper oxygen supply. Thus, grab the opportunity and begin your digital marketing business if you have apt knowledge about the digital world.

  • Boutique: Are you a fashion enthusiast? Opening your boutique can be the best business to do in Dubai. Do not bother about obtaining commercial premises as you will get to shop on lease at the Souk Al Marfa within your cost-effective budget.
  • Salons: Another easy-to-set-up low investment business idea is to launch Beauty Salon and Spa Centre. 

Dubai attracts numerous tourists every year; who visit the great malls and shopping centres. Starting a business at Souk Al Marfa will not only bring in local customers but will also draw foreign visitors. 


Developed in association with the Nakheel Malls and DP World, the global supply chain logistics, the Souk Al Marfa is a centralised one-stop shop to realise your successful business ideas in Dubai. 

Are you ready to kickstart your business idea in Dubai? Don’t wait; reach out now!

What is a Wholesale Market and its Benefits

Reap the Benefits of Wholesale Markets

What is a Wholesale Market?

A manufacturer cannot always sell the goods directly to the consumer; hence, the goods reach the consumer through different distribution channels. Through this long channel of distribution, the products reach you after a long time and at higher rates. Also, as the stock is transported to the retailers in specific quantities, stock-outs are a frequent situation. So, is there any shorter and faster way through which the goods can reach the consumer? Let’s find out.

A wholesale market is one of the most important links in the supply chain of goods. It can be defined as a market where a trader buys goods from a manufacturer in bulk and re-sells the goods to business houses or retailers to further sell the goods to end consumers. A markup on the goods is made at every stage of the distribution channel. Hence, when you, as an end consumer, buy products from a retail store, you pay the maximum price for the products. However, if you can buy the goods directly from the manufacturer or wholesale stores, it can save you a good amount of money. 

What are the benefits of buying products from wholesale shops?

1. Unmatched Deals

One of the most pertinent benefits of buying products from a wholesale shop is that the products can be bought truly at cheap prices. Based on the quantities that you wish to purchase; the trader will offer you the prices. In wholesale, the greater the quantity, the lower the per unit cost of the product. You can negotiate the best imaginable deals with a wholesale trader. You may even have a chance to negotiate beneficial credit and payment terms once a rapport is built with the trader. 

3. Full variety

Wholesale stores are great places where you can find the full range of a product. You can make a choice from the full range without worrying about the limited varieties available. It is almost rare that a particular product range is not available at a wholesale shop. You would not have to worry about colours, size, features, editions, etc. as the entire range can be found in wholesale markets. As a wholesaler sells to multiple retailers or business houses on a regular basis, they keep the most updated stock. 

3. Location ecosystem 

In most cases, the wholesale shops are collectively located in one area. When you visit a fully set up market, it is easier to find shops selling similar products in one place. Such markets not only have one kind of product but a variety of products. For example, a wholesale market selling household-related goods will have shops lined up to sell products such as curtains, bed sheets, chairs, cleaning accessories, lighting, etc. If you wish to buy more than one kind of product, it is very cost and time-effective to purchase from a wholesale market. In a wholesale market, warehouse facilities are also easily accessible. Apart from the benefits listed above, transportation infrastructure to support loading, unloading, exporting, and importing is quite well developed within these markets. 

A go-to checklist for wholesale purchases:

Prefer to visit a complete wholesale market instead of a standalone wholesale shop. Do try to find out about the kinds of shops available in the chosen wholesale market to make the maximum purchase in one visit. Along with these points, do keep in mind to know the timings of the market, especially the peak hours.

Before making the purchase, do check on the minimum purchase quantity set by the wholesale traders. Based on the quantities, compare the retail price with the final wholesale price to ascertain the cost savings being made on the purchase. Along with the price negotiation with the wholesaler, try to negotiate the credit and payment terms with the trader. 

The best thing about shopping at wholesale market is that you can buy the product of your choice at the best possible price and with a minimum amount of logistical effort. While saving you time and money, it makes your purchase wholesome.  

On a specific note, wholesale markets in Deira, Dubai are being encouraged a lot. Recently, a huge wholesale market campus has been built to encourage the following developments in the wholesale market ecosystem:

  • Creating business models for easy re-export of products 
  • Give a completely wholesale trade experience to buyers and sellers 
  • Support for trade and small business houses in Dubai
  • Protection of cash flows involved in business
  • Ease of transport of goods by keeping the campus in proximity to the harbour
  • Increase the trade culture in nearby markets.

It is a favourable move towards the trade of the country by improving the purchasing power of domestic business houses. By creating such well-developed markets, the country is opening its doors for exports and imports. 

Enjoy Waterfront Shopping in Dubai Creek

Among the top activities to do in Dubai Creek is to be exploring the souks. Some of Dubai’s traditional marketplaces on each side of Dubai Creek were formerly some of the city’s most vital commercial centers. Souk Al Marfa on Dubai islands is a waterfront retail hotspot with a new abra and ferry station built in collaboration with Nakheel and Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA). It’s a terrific place to get gifts for the entire family while on vacation.

In August 2021, the first phase of the trade destination with 400 retailers opened to the public. The indoor marketplace features 70 air-conditioned store pavilions with Wi-Fi access and 3,200 parking spaces. Souk Al Marfa combines local and foreign companies in the form of micro kiosks, retail outlets, showrooms, and street eateries. The trading hub features a variety of retail establishments, including fashion, electronics, home items, health and beauty, toys and presents, and building supplies. It is one of the city’s newest waterfront stores that extend for 1.9 kilometers along the coastline of Dubai islands, just in front of a spectacular waterfront town of four man-made islands. It was constructed by Nakheel Malls and DP World, the world’s leading provider of sophisticated end-to-end logistics for supply chains.

When completed, it will be the largest wholesale souk and waterfront shopping center and a major attraction in the UAE, with up to 7,000 shops.


Many businesses and waterfront stops have already opened at Souq Al Marfa, and they offer fantastic deals. Lamps, cosmetics, fragrances, skincare products, home goods, toys, building supplies, and many more items are available. The following are some of the new businesses: Shines Korean, Thread and Button, Zil Altaif Garments, Blink, Koichi, Darwani, Moonlight, Marhaptin, Love Grace, Game Station, Health Beauty, Shines Korean, Thread and Button, Zil Altaif Garments Stylishly Simple.

The various restaurants and cafés scattered throughout the market serve the most delectable cuisine and beverages. The most popular restaurants and eateries include Taksim Gate, Icy Blast Coffee, The Tea Factory, Amazing Panda, Little House Cafe, Fresh Blends Cafe, Scoop of Happiness, Orya, Fardos, Pioneer, OTS Cafe, El Halawi, Swadeshi, Krua Thai, Ceylon Tea.


Souk Al Marfa offers inexpensive expansion options to merchants across the nation, with the ability to export and import straight to its serene and scenic waterfront stores and big storage pavilions for massive stock. It also guarantees a diversified, large-scale shopping experience to its clients.

The wholesale platform also provides warehouse and office space to help sustain the wholesale and retail industries in Dubai.

To facilitate the foundation of a business, Souk Al Marfa offers a single-window system with little paperwork. There are business-friendly programs for traders such as 100% foreign ownership, quick repatriation of cash and earnings to the business’s home country, and no need for local sponsors.


This centralized one-stop shop will allow all traders to easily access sites inside the Emirate of Dubai as well as markets such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Yemen, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Iraq. Dubai is a major re-exporting hub, supplying areas and nations such as the Gulf Cooperation Council, Africa, Iraq, and Yemen. Souk Al Marfa provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach over ten sites in order to avail a varied range of goods and services, encourage inbound investment, and develop trade with neighboring countries.


  • Visitors can also make use of the souk’s free shuttle service. Take a bus from any of the hotels, including the Ibis Styles Dubai Airport, Hyatt Regency Dubai, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, and others, to go to the market.
  • Because Souk Al Marfa is adjacent to Deira Wharfage, Mina Al Hamriya, and Mina Rashid, the market’s accessibility to the ports is enhanced. Furthermore, the market allows dealers to send items directly from their businesses.
  • This is a large wholesale market in Dubai that is strategically positioned near ports to allow for simple and quick delivery of products. The Dubai islands market is located north of Dubai.
  • Apart from the ports, Souk Al Marfa is also close to Dubai Airport, Sharjah, and the northern emirates.
  • Dubai’s traffic and transportation officials have developed a special bus route called SM1 for Souk tourists. Every 60 minutes, a bus operates from the Gold Souk bus station to the Souk Marfa, passing along Al Khaleej Street. You may also make use of Dubai cab services.

Souk Al Marfa Deira features everything from antiquities to daily necessities at great pricing. Companies should consider Souq Al Marfa in the Dubai islands as an excellent development destination. It offers a quick return and profit on investment, as well as total foreign ownership without any regional endorsement and the least amount of paperwork required through a single-window approach.

Advantages of Leasing and Investing in Dubai

Are you wondering whether it is worth leasing in Dubai or investing in a business there? Worry not! Being one of the pioneering, hyper-connected, and internationally acclaimed pro-business hubs, Dubai offers promising opportunities for global traders to expand their business in the Middle East. With the world’s biggest wholesale market, the sixth busiest international airport, and the largest artificial Jabel Ali Port, having a constant increase in cargo containers, the city has become the centre of attraction for entrepreneurs all over the world to have business in Dubai. Thanks to the liberal business policy of the UAE government that encourages foreign traders and companies to invest and contribute to mutual growth and development. 

Additionally, you will get leasehold commercial properties in Dubai at an affordable cost compared to the other popular business cities worldwide. The country boasts of being one of the top shopping destinations. Hence, having a business opportunity here can lead your company to the next level generating more revenue. Also, you will get easy accessibility to foreign trade license ownership, effortless repatriation of capital and profit, availability of skilled and unskilled labour, and many other facilities that will guarantee the utmost success for your business. Here are the advantages of leasing commercial shops or stores in Dubai:

  • Cost-effective: Leasing is not very expensive; it helps you invest more in your business. Also, you don’t have to worry about extra costs like mechanical system replacement, structural repairs, etc. The world-famous urban established ecosystem called the Souk Al Marfa that the city has offers attractive deals like budget-friendly base establishment without any local sponsor, minimal government charges, and many more. So, why wait? Grab the opportunity before it’s gone!
  • Flexible: A lease is renewable. After the expiry of the lease tenure, you can evaluate the business requirements and decide freely; whether to renew the Agreement for the next term or to relocate for further business expansion.
  • Prime location: As a centre of trade and commerce, chances are high for quick selling of properties at prime business locations in Dubai, and to buy a shop, you might have to go to places far from the central area. However, taking a store on a lease can enable you to start your business amidst multiple clusters.

Investment in Dubai Business: Benefits you reap!

Renowned for its luxurious and state-of-art architecture, the city of Dubai is no way behind in terms of contribution to the world economy. Investing in a business in Dubai is a significant choice in itself. The following are benefits you obtain:

  • Progressing Economy: One of the vital factors that an investor may consider before planning to invest in a foreign country is whether or not the country has a developing economy. From that point of view, Dubai ensures a promising future for your business.
  • Centre of tourist attraction: As a seat of tourist attraction, the city of Dubai welcomes almost 16.73 million tourists per year. It also arranges many art and cultural celebrations like Dubai International Film Festival and Dubai Jazz Festival alongside various sporting events, assuring enhanced trade opportunities as the travellers visit the spectacular tourist spots during their trip.
  • Business opportunities: The city is proud to have the world’s most traditional and largest souks or marketplaces, famous for gold, spices, and perfumes. Besides, the recently inaugurated Souk Al Marfa, the largest waterfront wholesale market situated at the heart of Dubai, is a center of massive mercantile trade. With its proximity to Dubai harbor, airport, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, the Souk AL Marfa is the logistics hub, providing global smart end-to-end supply chain logistics. So, you can invest and strive in your business tension-free. 
  • Safety and Security: Popular in the world as a safe city with negligible crime rates and an effective legal system, Dubai is a great place to start and grow your business without any fear of theft or other kinds of financial loss.
  • No Tax: It is advantageous to have a business in Dubai as the government does not impose any personal income tax, capital gains, or withholding tax. If you are a foreign investor having trade relations with Dubai, you are allowed 100% foreign ownership apart from the ten-year VISA on residence in the country.


Is the Souk Al Marfa a one-stop shopping center?

Yes, The Souk Al Marfa is the largest one-stop wholesale market. 

Will I get banking facilities joining with the Souk Al Marfa? 

Yes, you will get effortless banking facilities.

Can small business owners join the Souk Al Marfa?

Yes. Small business owners can benefit from starting their business at the Souk Al Marfa.


Are you still wondering whether or not you should have a business branch in Dubai? Gear up! Visit Souk Al Marfa’s official website and contact them soon for shops leasing in Dubai.