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Best Business Opportunity in Dubai – Things You Must Know

Recognised worldwide as one of the most popular business hubs in the UAE, Dubai opens the door to the best business opportunity. The city stands first in respect of the economy, over-pacing its peers in the seven other emirates and the Gulf region. 

Thanks to the Emirati Government, the country has opened doors of opportunities with free economic zones and proper business initiatives, enabling businesses worldwide to trade with the city. 

Dubai’s location and business culture have paved the way for becoming a financially powerful city, making it a desirable place for foreign trade and investments.

While discussing the best business opportunity in Dubai, we cannot ignore mentioning the Souk Al Marfa, the largest waterfront wholesale market developed by the top Dubai-based real estate developer Nakheel in collaboration with DP World, a multinational logistics company. 

Located at the heart of Dubai, in Deira Islands, the Souk al Marfa stretches approximately 1.9-kilometres along the Dubai waterfront. 

With more than seven thousand shops and pavilions, this indoor souk or marketplace includes shopping options like retail stores, showrooms, small and large shops and small kiosks for travellers and locals. 

Are you looking for the best investment opportunities in Dubai? Visit the Souk Al Marfa website to learn more about their business rules and regulations. 

Business in Dubai: Its Advantages

As a leading business city, Dubai allows you to carry on the business at ease, guaranteeing its absolute flourishment. The following are the opportunities you get, getting into business terms with Dubai:

  • Easy Business Setup: Dubai has a highly cooperative government with the utmost technological advancement in business sectors. That is why you can have the best business opportunity in Dubai. 

The procedure to start a business here involves minimal paperwork and government charges. Also, you can get effortless banking facilities without any requirement of local sponsors to begin your business. 

If you are a wholesale trader and wish to take a shop at the Souk Al Marfa, rest assured you can establish your business at a cost-effective range. Also, you won’t need to worry about tedious documentation and licensing procedures, as their single window operation will ease the process.

  • No Tax: As the Dubai government offers complete exemption from all taxes, whether its income, personal or corporate tax, you can enjoy enormous benefits in business. However, you might have to pay only 5% VAT; if you are conducting business in specific industries. 
  • Geographical Location: Another factor that influences people to look for new business opportunities in Dubai is none other than the city’s lucrative geographical location. 

Situated at the junction and connecting the neighbouring countries, Dubai is a natural bridge encouraging global trade and commerce. 

Similarly, having proximity to the harbour and Dubai airport, Souk Al Marfa assures good connectivity and easy logistics helping your business establish a robust footing in the land of innumerable business opportunities.

  • State-of-Art Infrastructure: If you opt for small investment opportunities in Dubai, you are on the correct path because Dubai is acclaimed worldwide for its excellent infrastructure. 

Being the capital city of UAE, Dubai invests in technological upgradation attracting the leading industrialists and business personnel across the globe.

Dubai is also famous for its effective public transport system, good telecommunication facilities and much more. Hence, investing in Dubai can surely lead your business to the highest peak of success.

  • Free Zones: While setting up your business in Dubai, you can choose to continue the trade in the mainland or the free zones. 

Most entrepreneurs prefer starting out in a free zone, as they get complete ownership of their business there.

  • Effortless Visa Obtaining: Commencing your business at the Souk Al Marfa can prove as the best business opportunity in Dubai. 

Not only will you enjoy exemption from the rule of having a local sponsor, but you also will get a visa with no hassle.

Leasing a Commercial Property in Dubai: Guidelines to follow

It’s best to rent or lease commercial property when you begin your business in Dubai. Here are the three vital kinds of Lease about which you must have thorough knowledge:

  • Gross Lease: A fundamental type of lease where the lessee pays the pre-determined lease amount while the lessor pays the maintenance changes alongside tax and insurance.
  • Land lease: In this kind of agreement, the lessor leases out a portion of land to the lessee whereby the lessee can construct a building, and when the lease tenure end, the lessor gets back the property alongside the building.
  • Modified Net Lease: This is one of the most common types of lease, which is advantageous for the lessor and the lessee.

Time To Dive Into The Best Business Opportunity

As the centralised one-stop shop, Souk Al Marfa offers traders worldwide the best business opportunity in Dubai. If you want to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, this is the place for you.Are you planning to expand your business to the UAE? Click here to discover more.